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Crate Pro has hundreds of features.
Here's a small sample...


  • Metric or Imperial (U.S.), and supports all currencies.
  • Includes hundreds of Styles to choose from to assist in designing the desired container.
  • Identify and track wood inventory for ISPM15 as WPM or DUN.
  • Pricing by saw or process, and individual material pricing by category. Pricing is unique for crates v. pallets with pricing options for adjustments such as overtime, on-site, fixed cost, and customer discounts.
  • Pricing adjusts based on size and quantity of containers.
  • Adjustable settings such as panel undercutting, cleat spacing, cleat orientation, wood materials, fasteners, and more!  All are adjustable as a default and in each individual design.
  • Provides Content, Inside, Outside, and Shipping Dimensions (avoiding miscommunication or miscalculation of the container size when extras are added to the outside).
  • Provides large panel splicing based on your cleating rules, then applies cleats, assuring splices are covered.
  • Remove any component or an entire panel while preserving the physical space of the component.
  • Easily adjust between a lumber or plywood base, two-way or four-way entry, skids/runners flat or on-edge.
  • Apply various joist assemblies with a few clicks.
  • Fastener quantities are automatically calculated and adjustable. Quantity is based on the type of fastener, it's use, and the type of container
  • Add mutliple layers of various inside padding or barriers at once.
  • Add inside assemblies such as a floater deck with just a few clicks, or add more complex blocking systems in a few minutes.
  • See full material lists including component weights.
  • See prices broken down in various ways such as actual, by cubic foot, and by surface foot. Actual costs, selling prices, and profit are all clearly shown and selling prices can be dynamic or fixed.
  • See manufacturing times broken out by saw or process.
  • Find and list past designs or projects using various criteria.
  • Group Designs and added materials into Projects to see prices, weights and estimated total dimensions for the entire job.
  • And much, much, much more!

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